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Proteje tu cuadro de carbono con Shelter

La solución para cuidar nuestro cuadro de Carbono.

Dropping The Hammer (Literally) On Cantitoe “Shelter” Carbon Protection Tape

Now, if I understand this correctly, Cantitoe Shelter protective tape is meant to be wrapped around the frame tubes of bicycles comprised entirely of fluorescent light bulbs, that generally get ridden through neighborhoods where hooligans constantly hurl ball peen hammers at cyclists. It’s kind of a very specialized application. Kind of. Oh wait, let me watch the video again…ah ha, I see, I had it all wrong. The fluorescent light bulb is a METAPHOR for a bicycle frame tube and the hammer is a METAPHOR for a rock thrown up by the front wheel of a bike.

But seriously, the above video has ball peen hammers smashing into lit fluorescent light bulbs with EXPLOSIONS, the new Danny MacAskill video doesn’t have anything like that, but you know what does? — the classic Ursus Mark V “Project Grizzly” Bear-proof-suit video. (Check it out after the break.)

And more seriously, Cantitoe Shelter is a visco-elastic tape, an “impact dispersal medium,” that is meant to protect downtubes and chainstays of bicycles, carbon ones in particular. The claim is that it increases the impact strength of carbon by 230%, allowing it to withstand a 6.5 Newton impact. It is 1.2mm thick. totally transparent and, apparently, doesn’t wrinkle or bunch up when applied to weird-shaped tubes.

For charts, graphs, links to actual facts, and a video of a dude in a bear-proof-suit getting run over by a pick-up truck with a mattress on the front, click more…

ientifical explanation of the whole hammers smashing light bulbs and making them explode thing. Speaking of exploding, looking at mathematical graphs like this makes my head feel like it’s going to explode. Visit Cantitoe Road’s website for more info.

“Shelter” is made up of 50 layers of visco-elastic-somethin’-somethin’, it’s like the Samurai sword of impact resistant tape.”Shelter” can be purchased for $29.95 .

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